5 Reasons To Love Spain


I SUSPECT that, like many expatriates living in Spain, a fair percentage of a typical week is spent acting as an unofficial (and unpaid) promoter for the Spanish Tourist Board! At times this can be frustrating, but in general I don’t mind at all as it always helps me to remember what it is that I love so much about Spain, and why I never hesitate to recommend Spain to anybody planning a holiday.

In no particular order, these are the reasons that I give as to why people should visit Spain:


Food & Drink: Paella, Jamón, Queso, Rioja, Tapas, Sangria, the list is endless. Do not think for one minute though that the Spanish just ‘consume’ their food and drink. The preparation, the participation, the pride to be experienced from a Spanish meal, is what Spanish food and drink is all about.

Sport: the Malaga region is probably the most popular place providing a choice of different golf courses to suit players of all levels. Valderrama, Rio Real, Santa Maria and the Alcaidesa links course are some of the most popular and all tend to be open all year around and open to the public. Pick a beach, any beach and you will find plenty of water sport options. In addition there are walking holidays, mountain bike trails, motorcycle touring holidays etc. ; whatever your sport Spain should be considered ….. even winter sports!

Culture: Goya, Velazquez, César Manrique and of course Pablo Picasso. El Museo del Prado in Madrid, which has over 8,000 works of art on display! City breaks in Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba…. Shopping in Madrid, the Olympic Village in Barcelona, the very words ooze culture and paint a provocative and enticing image.

Nightlife: during the summer in particular Spain comes alive after midnight! Dinner at 10pm, a few drinks, then let the party begin. Whether on the beach, in the streets or in a nightclub, summer nights in Spain are one big party. From Flamenco to Jazz, Rock to Soul there is something for every taste with Spanish nightlife.

Fiestas: the San Fermin Bull Running Festival of Pamplona, La Tomatina (tomato throwing festival in Buñol), The Valencia Fireworks Festival, The Moors and Christian Festival Alicante, Las Hogueras de San Juan and La Feria de Malaga, which commemorates the Christian victory over the Muslims there. Do not think party, think weekend long cacophony of noise, dancing in the streets, huge paellas cooked outdoors for the whole village to share. The Spanish take a huge pride in their fiestas, each wanting their village or town to be the best, so they are more than happy for you to join in, share the fun, eat their food… just be sure to tell them that theirs is the best ever!

Reflections From A Balcony In Spain: By Chris Marshall

Photo Credit: adactio


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