Something must be done about it


JUST how many young people have to die before the Spanish authorities do something about the height of hotel and holiday apartment balcony railings? Some five years ago, when a friend of my nephew fell to his death from an apartment building on Mallorca, I began my column with precisely the same question.

Since then there have been scores of deaths and maiming of young holiday makers and those responsible have still made no effort whatsoever to rectify this utterly scandalous state of affairs.



Perhaps whoever is responsible for this gross lack of interest should be made to visit the families, who have seen their loved ones off in a flurry of excitement and happy expectations and then received them back in a box or a wheelchair? Just how would they like to sit by the bedside of a son or daughter and watch their young lives slip away, purely because someone is either totally uncaring or too penny pinching to do anything to prevent it?

Frankly, for those in authority to simply give that shrug we all know and hate and utter the immortal, all responsibility shedding phrase, ‘well they were drunk’ is simply not only unacceptable, but an insult to all who grieve the passing of a young loved one in this manner. ‘Oh that’s ok then. If they were drunk they certainly deserve to die!’ What a despicable, selfish and downright nasty attitude to take. I am of course aware that some accidents are caused by inebriated youngsters endeavoring to emulate Spiderman, but this doesn’t steer away from the fact that most hotel balconies are quite obviously far too low. All it takes is one unaware teenager of normal height to stagger against a waist high balustrade after a night out on the town and over he or she goes.

Well something simply must be done about it. Legislation has to be passed making it punishable by law to have balconies below a regulation height. This should not be measured by short arse builders of yesterday, but by the height of the chests of the strapping teenage six footers who abound in today’s society. Hotels should be given two years to comply with the regulations or simply be shut down until they do.

The continuing deaths of these youngsters are nothing short of a national disgrace and I would be strongly in favour of petitioning and lobbying the government of this country to do something about this shameful state of affairs before even more young lives are wasted in this totally unacceptable fashion. S’there.

A quick reminder before closing. To those who can make it. Mallorca’s Cala D’Or yacht club is holding a grand charity event on this Thursday 5 in aid of The Great Ormond Children’s Hospital. Lots of fun and high jinks promised so hurry on down, dig deep, and give all the support you can to this extremely worth cause.


Have a good week. Try not to hand the keys back just yet!

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith

Love Leapy


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