Devious ambitions and false sincerity


CAN’T understand why some people appear surprised to discover what many now accept: that Tony Blair is a liar and totally self centered. I smelled him out when he was running for office back in ’97. I can only assume that these observations were due to my having been, (for various reasons), exposed to an extensive variety of con men and women over the years.

To me Blair, and later his awful spouse Cherie, positively reeked of a team out to further their own ends. I believe this cynical (and extremely clever) pair plotted and planned their  future with a military precision that had no more interest in the well being of the British public or democracy than had the likes of Nero or Caligula.



Him, with his devious ambitions, skillful repartee and false sincerity, and her with her icily clever brain and degrees in law; in my opinion have ripped off the people of the UK in a way that any like minded dictator would have been proud of.  They took over an ailing political party that stood little or no chance of re election, stuck the word ‘new’ in front of it and set out to establish and cynically use it as their own personal ‘tour de force’.

With the aid of yet another, subsequently duped and questionable power broker (Mr. Murdock and his media empire) they duly embarked on their course of pure self gratification and personal interest.  Once they gained power, almost every move from then on were ploys to feather their own nests. She, with her ludicrous ‘PC’ and ‘human rights’ rulings, pushed up earnings for those in her particular line of work a thousand fold. He took us into a war which cost many lives, purely as the direct result of a plot hatched up by himself and that other ‘bird of a feather’ Bush. The purpose of that particular abomination was undoubtedly the acquisition of Iraq’s oil fields and, after bombing it flat, the lucrative ‘rebuilding’ contracts that would transpire, many of which had actually been handed out before the war even took place.  Once he felt the time was right and he had sucked his privileged PM position dry, he then hands the reins over to the egocentric bumbling Brown to take the ‘can back’ for all the mire he’s dropped the country in. Brilliant.

Almost without doubt, I believe he is at present up to his scrawny conniving neck in the disgraceful, more recent Libyan/Lockerbie conspiracy. Perhaps this particular exercise will have pushed his greedy intentions just that bit too far, but don’t hold yer breath; this leather skinned lizard is capable of slithering out of anything!

I won’t be seen around for a while. I’ve decided to re establish myself in Humberside UK. There I intend to visit two or three hundred shops and steal goods up to the value of 19 pounds 99 pence. In their new ‘crime prevention initiative’ the Humberside police are advising shopkeepers not to report any thefts of under 20 quid! See you in the Bahamas.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.


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