Things are looking up a bit


IN true ‘over and above the call’ mode I’m scribing this weeks missive from sunny er… cloudy er…breezy auld  Inglaterra, (If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!) where I’m delighted to say there now appears to be an atmosphere of yer actual optimism. There’s a kinda bustle about the place I certainly haven’t felt on a number of my previous visits. One friend, whose profession is graphic designing, tells me business in London is booming.

I’m over doing a few holiday camps, which are all packed. ‘ Course, the reason  is, that in the light of the economic climate, people are spending their holidays at home instead of abroad, which I’m afraid doesn’t bode too well for those of us trying to get a living in rather more sunny climes!


Still as long as things are looking up a bit maybe we’ll begin to see some improvement next year (don’t hold yer breath!)  There are a number of things I do enjoy when I manage to get back for a bit. One is listening to the radio. I actually managed to catch Jonathan Ross in his final BBC radio two programme on Saturday. Although I’ve never liked the man I must say his final offering was extremely entertaining, he even had Tom Jones doing a couple of live songs on the show. Something I fear even our much loved Vince ‘the Prince’ would find somewhat difficult to organise with the limited resources our local English radio stations seem to operate under.

Another thing I enjoy are the general manners of other road users. With the odd exception they are a head and shoulders above the Spanish variety. They allow you to overtake – without taking it as a personal castration which must be avenged. If you observe a vehicle in your rear view mirror that seems a little close, the next time you look they will have dropped back, instead of over here, where they are endeavouring to climb into your boot!

Even when trying to enter a main road of slow moving vehicles, someone will invariably hold back and wave you out, a situation in which most Spanish drivers, with set faces, will rush to close any escape gap, thereby leaving you imprisoned in your side road until the very last vehicle has moved on. Despite all this I can’t wait to get back. At least we manage to retain a certain amount of privacy. With the hoards of camera’s staring back at you over here, it feels rather like your appearing in your own personal soap!

And that’s about it. In the light of all the knocking of Easy Jet of late, I have to say my flight here was one of the best ever. Speedy boarding. A polite, pleasant cabin and check in staff, comfortable seating and plenty of good service all around. Long may it continue.

See y’all next week.

Have a good‘n.

And whatever ya do, always keep the faith.

Love Leapy.


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