Burnt waste bins


I AM not sure what constitutes a ‘trend’ these days, but there are an increasing number of cases of burnt out waste bins here in Almerimar. Not sure what people think this achieves, but am sure they could justify in their own weird and wonderful world, but what really doesn’t make sense is the ongoing use of these bins by what is best described as idiots!

What idiots would continue to dump rubbish and garden waste?


This bin is pretty close to us. On the evening of the World Cup Final as we walked back in the early hours the workmen were struggling to tidy up the rubbish from a burnt out bin, which was subsequently replaced, and as you can see from the photo the new bin was then torched again. So why would people walk up to a shell of a bin and dump their rubbish? Don’t worry I know the answer! They are lazy, ignorant and selfish.

They have no respect for the extra work that they are causing for the local council workers, who have not only been without pay during the combined recession and Juan Enciso farce, but are now being asked to take a pay cut!

Maybe these same people could find it in themselves to drive in their nice comfortable cars to a bin that actually is a bin and dump their garden waste etc as after all there is no way they walked to the bin with that much rubbish.

And for those torching the bins, enough is enough. Apart from anything else they are close to properties and with all the dry weather that is a fire hazard and risk we just don’t need!!!

By Chris Marshall

Photo Credit: www.almerimarlife.com


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