Born 30th September 2008


As a well connected real estate aficionado since the latter part of the 20th century I was more familiar with the Costa lifestyle than many who had lived here for years. But that was a previous life. Let me explain: When a long time ago my colleague and I exited La Manga Golf Resort’s Hyatt Hotel courtesy of the company, we pair looked undoubtedly smug. We had good reason to be as David airily waved in the direction of the expansive greens.

“To be honest, financially I am just about keeping my head above water but what have those guys got that we haven’t?” he asks as he nods in the direction of the well-clad golfers teeing off.



As I thought about David’s take on things he continued. “We stay in the same hotels, drink at the same bars and restaurants; we enjoy the same sun, beaches, golf clubs and lifestyle.”

I had to admit he did have a point: He summed up by adding that the only real difference was that those upper crust golfers had a few more digits on their bank statement.

That reminded me. Years ago in one of Cheshire’s most sought after leafy locations I had visited a client in a home to die for with a car to match parked in its driveway. “Our tastes coincide but our incomes obviously do not.” I cheerily observed.

“Mike,” he smiled: “The only difference between you and me is that I owe more money than you do.”

Born 30th September 2008

As the saying goes, happiness isn’t having what you want; it is wanting what you have. This hamster finally got off its wheel on the 30th September 2008 and dropped anchor here in Spain. From that moment on I was constantly reminded of my earlier conversation with David. Nothing has changed and I occasionally ask myself; ‘Would I be more content had I won millions on the lottery?’ I very much doubt it.

On the contrary its allocation would likely have led to grief and simultaneously I would have been deprived of the satisfaction of knowing that what I have has been earned honestly; it had nothing to do with luck.

Looking back I can’t believe that my life and yours was once controlled by a clock that sounded reveille at 7am. Now every day is Sunday: Certainly I still work but this is because I want to, not because I have to. There lies the difference. As an American observed; ‘If you enjoy your job you will never again work for a living.’

I socialise with the best friends and neighbours one could hope for. Life is unhurried and I can pick and choose my indulgences. I still dine in the same restaurants as do the multi-millionaires; I enjoy the same beaches and celebrate the same sunshine and atmosphere. So when anyone asks: “Mike, what year were you born I answer: “The 30th September 2008.”

By Mike Walsh



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