The true story of a smoker


THIS is a story of a female smoker who had been smoking more than thirty a day for thirty years. So at the age of 45 she had decided it was likely she would go to her grave as a smoker and that like most others smokers it was going to be prematurely. Particularly as her husband was also a smoker and worse still he was under the impression that he enjoyed smoking. So that was going to be that.

The couple lived here on the Costa and like most of us here spent a certain amount of time watching English TV. On one particular day an article on the Richard & Judy Show reported on a new method of quitting the habit that instead of being a nicotine replacement method, such as Nicorette gum or patches, or some sort of chemical that one swallowed that possibly gave suicidal tendencies, or hypnotherapy that seems to have a very low success rate, this was a medically proven that was a non invasive smoking cessation therapy that Richard & Judy said gave a 90% success rate! What was even more encouraging was the equally positive coverage that evening on the BBC News which interviewed two sceptical journalists that had had the treatment themselves and agreed that it had actually removed the addiction instead of trying to replace it.


The couple noted the website address and made contact with the company in London that had treated these journalists and after being told it was £350 each treatment which meant it was going to work out at nearly £1,000 with flights. They decided that having tried every other method, this was going to be their final attempt to quit so they agreed to go ahead

On leaving the clinic, he felt less inclined to smoke than she, but to both their amazement, within 24 hours neither had any desire to smoke whatsoever. A month on and still it did indeed seem that the addiction had truly been removed.

So three months later they felt that this was something that all smokers should at least try although the cost of the therapy plus the flights was likely to make it less than inviting and so ‘Stop Smoking In Spain’ was born!

Carol the lady in this story and now the proprietor says “it’s been five years now and low and behold most clients are introduced by word of mouth which is a lovely way for me to run a business particularly one that also unquestionably saves lives”.

As for the cost…Well for anyone that mentions that they saw this article in Euroweekly and would like to make an appointment in July or August ONLY then they will get a special rate of just 95 euros including a FREE. You must appreciate however that this offer is a one off and will definitely NOT be repeated or continued after that.

For your free information pack call Carol now on 952965261 or 649123238 or visit the very informative website which has all the BBC News and Richard & Judy videos….plus more!


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