Sleeping Rites


Many of my clients tell me that their dog is allowed to jump up next to them on the settee or chair whilst they are watching television. Most of them are smaller breeds, but a lot of larger breeds are afforded the same privilege. The majority of these dogs are also allowed onto the bed, if only for a cuddle in the morning.

Almost all of these dogs have their own baskets or bean bags to sleep on. Many of them also like to occupy another area in the house as a favourite resting place, under the kitchen table, or behind a chair in the lounge etc.


When I ask my clients if these places are comfortable, they tell me that they assume so; they have never tried them.

Always remember it is the right of the Alpha figure to sleep where he wants, but nobody sleeps in his bed.


Events to look forward to

ON June 25 I went along to the fundraising evening organized by my sponsor Denise of Cat and Dog World Kennels, in aid of CHAIN ,Charity for Animals In Need. Although Spain was playing in the World Cup that evening, lots of kind animal loving people turned up and enjoyed a good evening with live music, a raffle with nice prizes, an auction of restaurant vouchers and football scratch cards with people winning 50 euros from a five euro bet.

The first donation of the night was from a young 13-year-old girl named Jessica who is the granddaughter of the owner of The Phoenix Lounge.

Jessica had just been given 10 euros for just passing all her exams in Spanish, so wanted to give it to the animals. I know Denise was very touched by this donation and also that a home had been found that evening for two cats that CHAIN knew needed a home, she told me ” it makes all the effort put into arranging a night like this well worth while “.

The evening raised 500 euros which goes to help abandoned, neglected and abused animals in the area.

Denise has announced another great evening to look forward to in aid of CHAIN at the lovely Sunset Lounge at Club La Costa, on the N340 near Fuengirola on Friday August 6, starting at 9pm, live music will again be performed by Southern Impact.

Chain fund the vet fees and contribute towards the food for the beautiful cats who live freely on the complex. Over the years all the cats have been spayed or castrated and live very happily in small groups around the Club La Costa complex and in return earn their living as only cats can! So please, if you can, come along for a nice evening and show support for the abandoned, neglected and abused animals in the area. For more details call Denise on 630197435. I look forward to meeting more of you who really care about animal welfare.



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