The Secret That 99% of Business Owners Don’t Know


The thing that most business owners DON‘T do that costs NOTHING and doubles your turnover… is referrals. Referral business is seriously effective, very easy to achieve and it costs you NOTHING. Zero, zip, nowt, nada, not a bean. Once you’ve sold to a client, he or she can quickly become a true Lethal Weapon in your Marketing Arsenal. Why?

Because of something that YOU ALREADY DO! All the time… me too. We all do; you find a great new pizzeria or restaurant. What do you do? You tell people. See a BBC TV show that you thought was hilarious. What do you do? You tell people. Book a holiday with Thomson’s and have a great time. You tell people. Buy a new BMW, Nissan or Ford and you love it. You tell people. Enjoy Quentin Tarantino’s latest film at the cinema. You tell people.

And here’s a red hot tip: a new client who comes from you via a referral from an existing client is much, much more likely to buy and will be generally willing to spend more. Why? Because their friend said that you are someone to be trusted!


Referred clients automatically see you as an ally and not as some suspicious character out to get your hand into his wallet / her handbag! After all, my friend Bill or Mary said… And this 100% FREE advertising is not too hard to get, let me add. How do you do it? JUST ASK!

Getting referrals from happy clients is the absolute, best, nº1 way to get new clients through your door. Your happy clients are endorsing your practice and service by giving you FREE word-of-mouth advertising. Here are a few ideas; once you’ve closed the sale, given them the bill, whatever: give out vouchers for a discount; ask for their friends’ Email addresses; give them business cards and mention a special offer; ask them to tell workmates or family or club member acquaintances.

Now please take note – this is REALLY important: here’s why this kind of silly, insignificant, SIMPLE marketing can, by itself, easily double your annual business: how?

Because if only ONE new client comes from a referral from an existing client, then you’re doubling your potential sales EVERY TIME YOU MAKE A SALE. Word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the absolutely most powerful forms of advertising – and it’s FREE!Ask for referrals ALWAYS.

Adios the noo!

By Norman Macleod

PS Next week: How a Spanish Market Trader can teach YOU a LOT!

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