Summer In Spain (5 Signs In Almerimar)



APART from the obvious improvement in the weather there are a number of other annual indicators that summer is here:

El Ejido Summer Bus Services


The summer bus services started again on the June 26, and runs throught to August, but will only run during the afternoon this year. The route starts at 3pm returning at 8pm. Starting on Saturday July 3 the night services (known locally as the Owl service) will start operating and will run on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Departure from the station in El Ejido at 10.45 pm and 11.45 pm returning from the stop in the marina at 3 am and 4 am in the morning.

A second round running from El Ejido starts at 11 pm and 12 pm and 1 am, 4 am and 5 am returning from the stop of Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar, at the following times: 11.30 pm and 12.30 pm, 3 am 3.30 am, 4 am, 4.30 am and 5.30 in the morning.

(You can see full details of the times and stops on – look for the post with the same name as this column)

Condoms and Suncream

I was in Copos recently, fitting in a quick trip to run some errands and pick up some food, in between looking after Fleur and watching the World Cup, and when I got to the checkout I was surprised and somewhat amused to notice that the regular mix of sweets, sunflower seeds and batteries had been replaced by shelf after shelf of condoms and sun lotion.

Much to the disappointment of the local lads I suspect this it not so much an indication of the  relaxing of the morals of the Spanish girls, but more preparation for the anticipated and much needed influx of tourists this summer.

Disabled Beach Area

It is the second year that they have provided this facility on both the Levante and Poniente beaches. Last year, as is pretty typical here in Spain, the structure just sort of appeared over a weekend. I remember asking Paco what it was and he had no idea, but once it opened it was pretty obvious, and was very well used… not just by the disabled sun bathers but by anyone needing the relief of some shade.

Ironically last year it was about six weeks before they put up the disabled signs to explain what these canopied areas were, so hopefully they still have them in store and will put them up straight away this year.

Beach Sunbeds

Arguably nothing defines the start of summer in Almerimar more than the opening of the many sun bed huts along the beaches.

Each year Miguel prides himself in being the first to open for the summer season, and the last to close. His sun beds are the first that you come across on the Poniente beach, just along from the ‘music bars’.

Following the totally unnecessary decision to remove the chiringuitos from the beaches, and replace them with the ‘bus stops’ at the end of the car parks where you can just about see the beach if you are tall, or stood on a chair, the sun bed huts are the best remnants of the characteristic beaches here in Almerimar that I loved from the moment I saw them over 10 years ago.

No Parking Spaces

Walking round the marina recently it was noticeable that although nowhere as busy as previous years at this time, it looks harder to get a car parking space, a sure indicator of summer in Almerimar.

Where possible we try to walk or use a bike, but not as much as we should! When we first looked into living in Spain a huge attraction of Almerimar was the fact that it was so self contained that it would be easy to walk to the shops …. I wonder how many others had the same thought but still predominantly use the car?

By Chris Marshall


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