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JAMES CORDON the co creator and co writer of the popular television comedy series Kevin and Stacey is hosting a comedy chat show each night that ITV show a live football game. There is a distinctly don’t forget your toothbrush feel to the format and its all about The World Cup so that’s easily half of the population excluded already.

I mention the programme as its great viewing and there are some fun and casual interviews with players from past to present.



His latest wheeze is for all England supporters to Back the beard and stop shaving for as long as the England team remain in the competition. Both males and females can join in so ‘oh er missus!’ Since the USA game I have been patriotically sporting my first ever itchy and scratchy attempt at a beard however after the Algeria game I don’t think I will have to wear it for much longer.

Recycling is a topic close to my heart as it’s a very simple way for all of us to help preserve the environment. It’s so easy to recycle in Spain and there are coded bins in every town/village.

Yellow bins are for plastic, Tetra paks and metal cans

Blue bins are for paper and cardboard

Green dome bins are for glass

Some places have collection points for used oils and there are also collection points for used batteries including Lidl branches and even on the main road through Mojacar.

There is no excuse for anyone not to recycle and when I speak about it the excuses that come back so often smack of laziness so just do it!

Bar and restaurant owners have lots of waste glass and should recycle what they can. Why not ask your local bar to recycle its waste glass if they don’t already do so.

Shops too have huge amounts of plastic and cardboard waste so again they should have a policy to reduce, reuse and recycle. Local councils can be asked to provide extra facilities.

Friends recently were viciously attacked by a swarm of bees from hives that had been illegally sited too close to their home near Lubrin. Luckily for them prompt hospital treatment was available but they were in severe pain for weeks afterwards.

The laws governing where beehives can be placed is very specific and they cannot be put within 400m of houses and also need to be a minimum of 100m from an asphalt road. The only exception is if there is an isolated farmhouse in the middle of nowhere as then the hives can be 150m from it. There must also be a warning sign clearly visible Peligro Abejas or similar.

This seems to be an increasing problem and as up to a quarter of people are allergic to bee stings its no laughing matter. Pets are at risk especially dogs when out walking so beeware!

Walking close to home the dogs and I stumbled across a dozen hives dangerously and illegally placed about 100m from the house, within 20m of the footpath and close to the road with no warning sign to be seen. Later I drove the car there and whilst keeping the windows firmly shut photographed the hives for evidence and noticed there were no identification marks either. SEPRONA is the department of the Guardia Civil that deals with environmental issues and also acts against animal cruelty. After waiting two hours in the Albox office I was told that I should have gone to the Garrucha branch but hey ho that’s par for the course.

A recent visit to Cuevas de Almanzora Castle revealed two new and permanent exhibitions of Goya etchings and prints. One is dedicated to bullfighting and the other is about fights and arguments. In another room is a temporary exhibition of photos by Pedro Diaz Ridao and is based on a journey he took the beautiful country of Ethiopia. The prints are also available to buy. The opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday mornings and evenings.

Continuing the theme of archaeological treasures being seemingly abandoned and lost, in Villaricos are the remains of the necropolis of the Phoenician city of Baria founded in the seventh century BC. Luis Siret discovered the site and excavated here and work continued into the 1930s. More discoveries were made in the 1970s and the area is extremely valuable historically as the place is littered with burial chambers or Hypogeums. Gold, silver, jewels and even decorated ostrich eggshells have been found here.

Drive immediately behind the El Mar La Mar restaurant on the old crumbling road and just a few metres down on the right is the impressive entrance to the site. Impressive that is until you notice its all overgrown and locked up with no opening hours displayed. No doubt somewhere is the ever important congratulatory slap on the back plaque to commemorate another waste of tax payers’ money so now the place can now safely and officially fall into disrepair.

By Stephen Amore


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