Was Bird’s 13th Victim Truth?


BREAKING news stories in which a deranged killer is on the loose and adding victims by the minute have become depressingly commonplace. Remember that word. It may provide a clue as to why these tragedies are a modern phenomena and now commonplace.

After the usual psychobabble mantras have died down and life returns to what we think of as normal, we know similar tragedies will happen again and again. They never used to; except in war zones where passions run high. They certainly never happened in idyllic worldwide locations each depicting scenic charm.


The knee-jerk reaction is to blame the gun; an answer that isn’t too intellectually demanding. It ignores the fact that there is no connection between tough or lax gun control and unaccountable acts of mass murder.

Was Derrick Bird the First Victim?

If I were a detective seeking a motive for Derrick Bird’s killing binge in Cumbria, I would spend as much time rifling through his bathroom cabinet as I would sifting through family wills and tax declaration forms. Everyone has those kinds of issues and deals with them. The problems confronting Derrick Bird were minor compared with tragedies affecting the lives of many others who do not go on crazed shooting sprees.

The media pundits, cops and psychologists debate possible explanations as to why a cab driver should turn into a glassy-eyed killer. They need their heads examined?

The Killer in the Bathroom Cabinet

Other candidates for the psychiatrist’s couch are the pharmaceutical giants and coerced doctors who routinely prescribe anti-depressants as magic bullets for ‘stressed out’ individuals. This is as irresponsible as dishing out antibiotics for the common cold.

The following have much in common: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine massacre), Patrick Purdy (Cleveland School Massacre), Thomas McIlvane (shot nine postal worker); Jeff Weise (Red Lake High School Massacre), Ted Kaczynski, Michael McDermott, Kip Kinkel, John Hinckley, who gunned down President Reagan. Seung-Hui Cho went on the rampage, killing 33 and wounding two dozen students. Joseph Wesbecker killed eight and wounded twelve before taking his own life. Then there’s Dunblane, Hungerford and now Cumbria. There’s many more but I am spaced out.

Unhinged Killers on ‘Medication’

They led mostly ordinary lives before morphing into unhinged killers. Most if not all were described as being ‘depressed’ and on ‘medication’. This included Prozac, Ritalin, Wellbutrin.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. makes antidepressant Luvox used to treat depression. The company has a lawsuit filed against it which alleges it failed to inform Eric Harris’s doctor of the drug’s side effects.

All drugs have side effects; the pharmaceuticals are on a learning curve. Remember Thalidomide? Neither drug companies nor governments and their watchdogs could survive another scandal like that so don’t go there.

Killing sprees make the headlines because of the high number of fatalities but throughout the developed world, horrific crimes by inexplicably deranged individuals are committed daily: The only link; antidepressants.

Because there are fewer fatalities only the local Press see fit to report them; bigger stories push them off the TV channels. The fingerprints of the pharmaceutical conglomerates are all over the evidence. The real crime is they are too big to take on.

By Mike Walsh



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