Who Stole Spring?


DID you enjoy the Costa Almeria Spring this year? Don’t tell me that you missed it? I remember it well, it was on a Wednesday and lasted 14 hours and 32 minutes, then it was gone and summer was here, with Spanish Meteorological Office Yellow Alerts (AMET) for high temperatures in the mid 30’s from the beginning of June.

So after the longest, wettest, most depressing winter in Spain for years we have been robbed of one of the best times of year.


Spring in Costa Almeria is beautiful, a perfect combination of warm mornings, hot days and cool evenings. Everything is possible, nothing is affected adversely by the weather. It is the perfect time of year to sit outside and enjoy lunch, not too hot, but warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, then perhaps a refreshing walk along the beach before stopping off for a couple of glasses of red wine on the way home. Ah yes Spring, what a wonderful day that was.

The overnight switch to summer has caught a lot of people, and our cats, off guard. The cats bless them are shedding their winter fur quicker than BP is spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and where we once had cool tiles on the floor we now have a fur carpet. Pale and overfed flesh from the extra long winter just isn’t prepared for this level of exposure and examination, and the early season tourists are being caught out by closed communal swimming pools, and beaches where the sun lounge businesses aren’t open yet.

On the up side summer means sardinas and ensalada mixta on the beach in a Chiringuito (well not here in Almerimar where they replaced the old wooden traditional ones on the beaches with bus shelters at the end of the car parks), and dinner at 11pm before a few late drinks in the Cocktail Bars.

On a more somber note Facebook was all abuzz recently when smoke was spotted over Albox, bringing back memories of the devastating Mojacar fires of last year. Thankfully it wasn’t a problem, but it reminded me that I recently read that open fires have been banned in Andalucia until October with the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía prohibiting from Tuesday June 1 BBQ’s, agricultural burning, open fires and motor vehicles passing through high fire risk woodland and its zone of influence, until the October 15.

Fires are also prohibited for food preparation, excluding camping areas or recreation areas that are equipped to do so i.e.  the use of BBQ’s is permitted only in approved tourist accommodation establishments and rural restaurants, as well as the preparation of food in children’s camps or the use of boilers by distillation or charcoal kilns.

All very sensible indeed, although I suspect San Juan on the beaches of Costa Almeria will be ablaze with bonfires and BBQ’s as usual this year!




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