Constantly bombarded with inferior shows

Vernon Kay

I’VE worked out a way to strike the majority of TV game hosts and tacky program presenters completely dumb. I’m gonna eliminate the word ‘amazing’ and the phrase ‘well done’ from the English language. That should just about stymie the lot of ‘em.

Just how do some of these untalented, inarticulate and often painfully incompetent performers get elected to positions that beam them into millions of households and earn them untold millions in the process? jealous? well of course I’m jealous. When I was a young man and there were only three main TV channels, competition was fierce, getting even a foothold was a feat in itself.


It was certainly only those with very special talents and even then a high degree of luck, who ever made it into the lofty portals of the television media. Consequently life was tough for all of us. Now, with the advent of a  multitude of channels looking for presenters and various other ‘personalities,’ even yer pet hamster could be in with a chance.  Standards have plummeted. Of course what you must also bear in mind is that there are also thousands more positions behind the scenes that need to be filled, with the same criteria’s applying.

This is why standards have fallen to appalling levels and we are constantly bombarded with inferior shows, selected by producers and directors with such low intellect and moral standards they are ready to condone just about anything to nick a bigger share of the ratings. I know, I know, you can always switch off. The problem is that some of the shows and their content are in fact perfectly up to standard and completely acceptable offerings. It’s the moronic ‘front’ people that bring many of these down to the level of switch over.

Until they sacked him and reinstated Dermot Murnaghan, one presenter, Jeremy Vine, who I consider an  extremely lucky TV person, almost ruined the highly entertaining ‘Egg Heads’ quiz program. The man often cringingly finished phrases on a comma, simply because he was utterly incapable of adlibbing his way to a full stop. On one show he managed to utter the utterly patronizing ‘well done’ no fewer than seventeen times (yep I counted). Ian Wright and his bunch (Live from Studio Five) are another pack who couldn’t even have got arrested in the good ol days. Vernon Kay (Family Fortunes) can hardly string two intelligible words together and as far as that awful Ramsey individual is concerned….  Ah well. If you’ve nothing better to write about Leapy…

But then I have. Ace Elvis impersonator Iain Duncan e’d that after a recent visit to the UK he was returning to Mallorca via Stanstead. When the flight was called he was in the loo. Emerging, he realized they were already boarding and hurried after the other passengers. To his utter surprise he was abruptly intercepted by an airport employee (who’s accent he could hardly understand!) and informed he was too late to board. Despite his protests that the other passengers were only a few yards ahead and still climbing the steps to the plane, the man was adamant.

The outcome of it all was that the employee then unbelievably delayed the flight for an hour while Iain’s bags were removed from the baggage hold. The police were called and Iain is now banned from EasyJet. I wonder how this officious twit would have reacted had Ian been of the same ethnic minority? Mmmm…

Anyway Ian has now asked for an official explanation and apology from the airline in question before he decides what further steps to take, I’ll keep ya posted.

And that’s about it.

At a time when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, this week I was involved in a car crash! No injury to human bodies but, car bodies quite a different matter. Sorry Barry. Gawd. Never ends does it?

Have a good week. Watch out for the ol’boy in Benidorm next winter and whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy

Photo Credit: radio1interactive



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