When puppies bite


NO matter how cute your new puppy may be, if it is biting you, your family members and guests –the puppy probably doesn’t seem quite as cute.

In fact, if the pup’s chewing and biting habits are not controlled, the puppy might actually hurt someone, or destroy the contents of your home. Training is necessary to teach some puppies appropriate chewing and biting behaviours.


First, you have to understand that many puppies that have a biting problem were taken from their mother too soon. The mother dog and litter mates have a way of teaching each other when the chewing and biting have gone too far.

Never take a puppy before the 49th day which is seven weeks or after since this is the best time for a puppy to bond with you.

When those sharp, little teeth start coming in and the pup nips the mother dog, she will usually leave the area. This makes the pup question his actions. When the pup bites litter mates too hard, it is usually met with a loud yelp that startles the biting pup. If the pup continues his wicked ways, the other pups will usually nip him harder. It is a lesson he or she does not forget.

Second, you should purchase chew toys for your puppy. Buy something that is mentally challenging to the pup. If it is not, he or she may prefer to bite on your nose or the chair legs in your dining room.

Many pet owners who have problems with their puppy’s chewing and biting habits purchase chew toys that have a treat inside of them. A dog’s sense of smell will keep him or her chewing on the toy all afternoon to reach the yummy treat inside. Once the dog understands that there are no benefits to biting on you, he or she will start looking for favoured chew toys.

Third, when the pup bites you, handle it like his or her litter mates or mother would. Make a noise that tells the pup that you are hurt. Even if the puppy is only chewing on your shoe strings or pyjama bottoms, open up your mouth and let out a loud yelp. If that doesn’t teach the puppy that he or she shouldn’t bite and nip, leave the room just like the mother dog would.

If the puppy simply follows you through the house biting at your heels, let out a yelp and then place him or her in a crate. Do not hold a grudge and keep the puppy locked up too long. A simple timeout will work. Never take the offending puppy out of the crate if he or she is whining. Wait until he or she is quiet.

If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to having a puppy that doesn’t chew, nibble or bite on you.

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