Clinica Veterinaria Mojacar


THE Clinica Veterinaria Mojacar has been established since 1987 in our area and is a well respected veterinary clinic thanks to the owner Astrid, who can assist a wide range of nationalities as she speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

As well as undertaking all general medical procedures, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, blood examinations and all kinds of operations, Astrid undertakes more complex surgery after having acquired 2 years ago a new endoscope which enables her to carry out a much wider range of medical procedures.  Prior to acquiring the endoscope, animals had to be referred to Alicante for certain procedures, for example removing fish-hooks from the esophagus as it passes through the thorax.  Now, the animal can be treated directly at the clinic.  The endoscope also checks for cancers, and biopsies can then be undertaken without having to do major surgery.


Astrid undertakes specialist courses to ensure she is kept up to date with all the latest surgical and technical developments.  Apart from being diplomated as Veterinary Ophthalmologist from the university of Barcelona, Astrid belongs to the group of Endoscopie of the Small Animal Surgeons of Spain.

Always with the help of Silke, her very skilled veterinary assistant, many accidented animals can be saved, some even with broken diaphragms or rips, by keeping respiration going using manual inflation.

You can therefore be reassured that your pet is being treated by someone with experience and knowledge, using up to date technology to enable your pet to receive treatment speedily and to assist it to recover quickly.

Visits to the clinic are by appointment only, to ensure that your pet does not have to wait around.  However, you can call into the surgery between 10 – 2.00 Monday to Friday and 11 – 2.00 Saturday to chat with Astrid or Silke about any problems you pet may be having, to book an appointment or to seek general advice in relation to your pet. Astrid can be contacted for an appointment on 950 472 252/629 099 920.  Emergency contact number 626 099 920


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