What exactly is the problem with British court judgments?


THE recent decision to allow two alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist extremists to stay in the UK is almost beyond belief.

No wonder we are the laughing stock of the East. The judge ruled that the men in question, Naseer and Khan should not be deported back to their countries of origin because there was ‘a chance they may be tortured or even killed’. So what? These individuals were plotting to take as many British lives as possible. Does any right thinking person subsequently give a monkey’s bum whether back in their ol’ countries, they get stretched on the rack, strung up on hooks or torn into quarters by wild camels?


At the very least it would send out a message to other budding bombers that  punishment  could be a fate worse than death, thereby perhaps spreading a little discouragement to these people; instead of decisions like this, which must give a real boost to many a maniacal misfit with aspirations toward becoming a career bomber? (Don’t forget we also keep them in benefits. After all, with all the work that goes into the planning of these atrocities, they certainly shouldn’t be expected to get a job as well – heaven forbid!)

Furthermore, if the reception Lockerbie bomber Abu Talb received on his return to Libya is anything to go by, they would have been welcomed back as heroes and promised a veritable glut of virgins should they decide to come up with more of the same. Give us a break.

Not one person I have spoken to agrees with the decision to allow these animals (and others) to stay in the UK. How can our so called Justice system be so out of touch with the will of the very people they are supposed to serve? Don’t ask me I just stand on the sidelines and cry a bit.

Lot of ‘apologizing’ this week by perps caught bang to rights. David Laws, Chief Secretary to the treasury and arch hypocrite, told us all he was sorry for being found out using 40,000 pounds of taxpayer’s money to pay rent in properties owned by his partner. I thought his excuse that he did so to hide the fact that he was gay was a real gem.

And dear old, ‘jolly hockey sticks’, ‘Fergie’ fell victim to a classic, if somewhat sordid sting operation to arrange an introduction to her ‘ex’ for half a million pounds. (He could have met me for a tenner!) If you believe that Prince Andrew knew nothing about her little sideline then you must be as naïve as this poor blustering misfit herself. I hardly think that on his 500,000 pounds ‘introduction occasion’, had the ‘sheik’ been a legitimate business man,  he would have accepted a mere ‘how do you do’ from the big A. Give us a break. This was a sweet little racket, no doubt I believe condoned by the Prince as a bit of a perk for his estranged wife (and also helping subsidise his meager divorce payments I may add.) Although I’m pretty sure none of the cash would have found its way into the Princes pocket, he would have had to be briefed to give the man more than a passing nod at the pre arranged meeting. I dunno these people really do believe we all came over on the last banana boat.

Well, after the disasters of last week, the past seven have been a little easier. The horizon doesn’t look trouble free mind you. A well informed little bird has just informed me a number of hotels here on paradise isle are to close for the month of July! Yep – you heard right. Through lack of bookings, hotels are laying off staff in what is normally one of the busiest months of the year. It’s not over yet folks – not by a long chalk.

Keep yer peckers up.

Keep a wary eye out for the politicians.

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith

Love Leapy    leapylee.co.uk


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