A big thank you to Euro Weekly News


Dear Euro Weekly ( Michel and Steven Euesden ) and Jenni,

We are writing to say how pleased we were to have had the Euro Weekly paper supporting and promoting the fundraising event “ From stage to screen and something inbetween “ in aid of our little disabled boy Tomas.

Firstly can we say a very big THANK YOU to Jenni Leighfield, one of your reporters. She has been exceptional all round regarding helping the fundraising cause for Tomas. She is an absolute credit to your company, firstly covering the story of Tomas horse riding and coming on her day off to cover this story. Secondly, attending on the night of the show, arriving early to set up a table selling items from the Euro Weekly in aid of Tomas. This included her own initiative of selling glowing bracelets which was a phenominal idea and very significant and symbolic to that fact that Tomas is almost blind and responds to coloured light. She stayed the whole evening until the final guests were leaving and raised a wonderful 140 euros towards our final magnificent total.


Can we also say how professional she was in covering the run up to the evening in the paper the week beforehand and we also loved the posters that she displayed at the event.

We would love for Jenni to continue with the story of Tomas and would not hesitate in the future to promote or give the Euro Weekly News a testimonial to how good they were in every aspect of helping to make our very special event such a success.

With the help of promoters and fundraisers, Tomas is achieving some truly remarkable goals and this, in turn, gives hope to others.

The night was an amazing success with the singers Ricky Lavazza and Maxine Warner and also Brian Warner as the compere. We had approx 350 people there for the show supporting Tomas. The atmosphere was both electric and emotional and it was a very special evening enjoyed by all. There was a short speech about Tomas and a film show showing how he had progressed with the help and support of everyone around us.

We had also on the night, specially rode over from the UK in a motorbike convoy, the Calderdale valley chapter of the Satan Slaves. They had raised altogether 3,300 pounds through their hair and waxing night in the UK and the sponsored run down to here on Motorbikes. Altogether with ticket sales, the raffle, the motorbike run and the Compere’s father Sonny Warner from Manchester, who incidentially is 87 years old raising an astonishing 9.000 pounds, giving the total on the night a whopping 17,200 euros. This will go towards the continual treatments of Physio, Stimulation, Speech therapy and disabled horse riding and even more importantly towards Stem cell therapy once we have raised enough. This is not going to be easy but with the support of The Euro weekly and all involved, it should be easier to raise our grand total of 100,000 pounds. The aim and significance of Stem cell therapy is to give Tomas useful vision which inturn will help him walk, hopefully on his own. As your readers will know, Tomas was born totally blind, with epilepsy ( West Simdrome ) and has cerebral Palsy ( Dieplegia ).

We do have two more events planned, one is on June 7th at the Oceano Hotel. It is a sportsmans dinner with ex-footballers, Norman Whiteside, Alex Stepney and Larry Lloyd. Also there will be Josh Daniels, one of the uks …………… ) . There will be three course dinner with Wine, all this for only 50 euros, all proceeds from the night in aid of  Tomas Leighton. This fundraising event is being sponsored by Blacktower Finiancial Management and promoted by Global Radio 96.5 fm.

Also on July 12th, Wayne Redman will run over 5 days a staggering 230 kms . This will take place in Loja, near Granada in searing heat. He is calling this “ Team Tomas “. Wayne is looking for sponsorship and/or donations.   If any of your readers can offer any kind of help in any shape or form, going for our goal, we would be more than welcome to listen to them or receive their e mails. Our telephone of contact is 628 562 580 or you can e mail us at [email protected].

Best Regards and Many thanks

Jon, Jill and Tomas Leighton


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