Gordon Brown Appointed Spanish Minister of Economy


I PROMISED you last week that I’d be revealing to you the ‘Secret Formula’ that’ll make your advertisements work. You may be wondering why Gordon Brown is shortly to take charge of the Spanish Ministry of Economy…



He isn’t. It’s a fib. I’m a liar and I admit it! So why would I want to use this as the headline to this week’s business tip? Well, to illustrate quickly and simply the basis of our ‘Secret Formula: and that is Every word you read in an advertisement has one purpose only – to make you read the next word.

Now, that sounds daft, but ask yourself this: How many times have I seen an ad, scanned it, and passed on to the next? Or ignored it? Then ask yourself, When was the last time I saw an ad and read it all the way through? Every, single word? I can guarantee it’ll be less than 5 times out of a hundred.

Writing the text of an ad is called ‘Copywriting’ and it’s a science. The top copywriters are paid 25,000€ for one page, and often with a percentage deal of the orders or sales their ‘copy’ creates. The top, A-list copywriters can make several million euros for writing one, single advert. They use a scientific formula that was established over 100 years ago. It’s called AIDA. This stands for the 4 basic elements of an ad – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Now, where this gets clever is that you can use AIDA in everything you do to publicise your business, from newspaper ads, to posters, leaflets, flyers, letters, even business cards – anything containing text. And the first ‘A’ is the most important – because that’s the headline – the ‘attention-grabber’. That’s why I used the ‘Gordon Brown’ gag – to get you to read this article.

Then you need to create ‘Interest’, followed by the ‘Desire’ to buy what you’ve got, finishing with the ‘Action’ you want the reader to take next. Try reading you own ads (better still, your competitors’ ads!) and see if they follow the AIDA formula. If they do, then the chances are they’re making money!

¡Adios the noo!

PS – Next week – the biggest boo-boo you can make in an advert!

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