Considering getting a puppy?


HAVING a pet can be one of the most rewarding choices you’ll ever make. However, depending on your situation, having a pet may not be that great of an idea. Pet ownership is not for everyone, and there are a list of things you should consider before you invest your time and money into getting a puppy.



The costs involved with getting a puppy

Before you make a trip to the local dog shelter or breeder take careful consideration to whether or not you can afford the costs involved with a dog. Don’t get a dog without planning for the costs for such a responsibility. you’ll need a variety of licenses, examinations, shots, and boosters to make your puppy healthy, and that is just the medical, you will also need a leash, food bowl, collar, carriers, beds, dog food, toys, and other items and be prepared to also replace furniture and toys the dog may damage from biting or chewing.

Do you have the time?

Dogs love attention and they require a lot of time, especially the smaller breeds. If your job requires long hours and you travel often, then getting a puppy may not be a wise idea. Every single day you must commit a portion of your time to playing with them and showing affection. Food and water aren’t enough. They need to be a part of your family.

You also need to make time for training the puppy. Training is critical in a puppy’s upbringing, and by putting in the time and effort now you can prevent misbehavior in the future. If you don’t have the time, consider hiring a trainer to come to your house and put the work in.

What is your housing situation like?

In other words, do you have the space that is necessary for a dog? Give careful thought to the space you have and choose the breed accordingly considering things like the amount of exercise they need daily. If you have a large garden where you can throw a ball or a stick around, it will be much easyer for your dog to get the excersice he needs, if you live in a small place, think carefully if you can commit to the daily walks necessary to keep a dog healthy

Consider the future.

You’ll need to choose a veterinarian so that you’ll have a place to take your dog in the future. Even if your dog is healthy, you’ll need to make yearly appointments to check up on their healthy. As for the future, you’ll also need to think about what it will be like you and your partner have a child one day. Often times, when a couple has a dog and a child comes along, they ignore the dog and it ends up in the shelter but dogs (and pets in general) can actually be a great way to teach children about responsibility and the importance of taking care of something.

Those are just a few things to take into consideration before you buy or adopt a pet. Animal shelters are great places to start in the searching process because you’ll be saving a life. Owning a dog should be a privilege, not a burden, and they should be treated with love and respect.


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