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Today at Yorkshire linen we have just celebrated our 1st anniversary! what a great year we have had. The Euro weekly was the first form of advertising we used, we found that from day one our advertising worked well so have continued to advertise on a regular basis. We are often surprised by the amount of people who travel as far as Gibraltar, along the coast and inland to Antequera.

During the year we have had editorials and competitions for make-over’s that have worked really well as the response was great from the readers. We like to change our adverts on a regular basis as we have different promotions and new products all the time. The designers are a great help with making the changes and getting exactly what we want to put into our add.

We choose to advertise in the Euro Weekly because its a great read, giving the community up to date news and articles of interest for readers to put their feet up and enjoy!


Julie & Steph


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