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We all now should be aware of the damage that can be done by the sun, and yet in my worl as skin care therapist, i still meet women thaat do not protect their skin with a sun block or a moisturiser that contains a spf.  They are so readily available now, as are tinted moisturisers with protection and at affordable prices too.

We also know that completely avoiding the sun can cause a lack of vitamin d which can lead to other health problems,but protecting our faces is an insurance for the future, both against leathery lined skin and skin cancers.

In UK alone 44,000 people are diagnosed annually with skin cancer.  1500 die of malignant melanoma, this is twice as many per capita than Australia!


It’s UVA that is responsible for skin damage, wrinkles and reduction in the firmness and elasticity of the skin.  The brown marks that appear on the face, hands and chest are associated with age, but are hypo-pigmentation caused by years of exposure to UVA.

So what can we do to help avoid damage or help undo the damage that already has been done? Don’t despair there are things that can be done.

Simple rules are – always protect by using at least a 25spf on your face even when you are just shopping or walking the dog, and apply regularly, not just in the morning.

Eat plenty of food that contain vitaminsa,c,and e, beta carotene selenium and zinc. These are anti-oxidents that are vital for a healthy skin and fight ageing free radicals caused by pollution and exposure to include plenty of fresh fruit ,vegetables,avocado,fish,nuts,seeds and virgin olive oil in your diet.

A daily routine of cleansing and moisturising, and a weekly face pack to nourish and exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells that make th complexion look dull.

Professional and salon treatments such as glycolic acid peels, that come in various strengths are wonderful for the skin, removing debris and dead skin cells and encouraging cell renewal, and help fade pigmentation.  The ipl (intense pulse light)

Is a form of light treatment that is less aggressive than a laser, it is used effectively in skin rejuvination and can reduce the brown pigmentation on the body and face and encourage a firmer more youthful skin.

A course of 3-5 treatments can improve the skin in so many ways.

For more info contact beauty in a flash yvonne @advanced  tel 677341431


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