Thursday, 27 October 2016


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Cruise control in Notting Hill

Cruise control in Notting Hill

David Beckham and Tom Cruise have been friends for years, but they left locals in Notting Hill flabbergasted when they were spotted having a drink together in a local pub on Monday.


Local Lisa Freid ‘'couldn't believe" her eyes when she spotted the A listers at the The Cow Irish pub. She photographed the pair and added the pictures to her Instagram account. Other postings included the hashtags'#wtf #justnexttous #chilling (sic)'


Another Instagram account posted a picture with the caption: "Another Monday night at the pub with David and Tom."


David, 39 and Tom, 51, became friends when the Beckhams moved to Los Angeles in 2007; David has spoken publicly about his movie nights with his friend Tom and their families.


While the incredibly fit Beckham apparently chose a pint of Guinness as his tipple, Tom appeared to have just a glass of water, although both appeared to be mixing their drinks as they also had glasses of red wine on their table.

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