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Community Buildings Insurance, are you  fully covered?

Community Buildings Insurance, are you fully covered?

IF your home or property in Spain forms part of a block of houses, apartments or condominiums, it usually includes community buildings insurance. You automatically pay this each month along with other community fees. Generally this cover is limited to keep premiums to a minimum. Cover includes communal elements such as the buildings, the grounds, lifts, pipes, walkways, padel tennis courts, etc. Unlike insurance policies in the UK, community buildings insurance does not cover fixtures and fittings. 


If an upstairs neighbour goes on holiday and leaves the tap on, resulting in a flood in your home below, the community buildings insurance will not cover the damage. Línea Directa recommends that you take out separate cover for your home. This should protect all the contents of your home, its fixtures and fittings and anything else not covered by the community insurance. 


Remember, your home is an asset. It represents a lifelong investment and its imperative that you get the right insurance from the beginning. Whether it’s your own residence, you rent it out or if you’re planning to sell it, your home may be at risk if it is not fully covered. Damage occurring from flood, fires or break-ins can be expensive to repair and or replace. Paying a small premium now will protect your investment for the future. 


Most community covers are basic, so while shopping around for the best comprehensive home insurance, you will need gap or first loss cover to ensure you are protected. Prior to taking out a new policy, find out exactly what is covered by your community policy. Many people in Spain who live in an apartment discover too late they are not adequately covered by their urbanisation’s community insurance.

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