Tuesday, 25 October 2016


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9-year-old and 62-year-old marry You Tube Screenshot

A schoolboy, 9, has married a woman seven times his age in South Africa.

The pair held their second wedding ceremony to make the union ‘official,’ as the bride’s long-term husband, Alfred, watched over the event. The couple hit it off when they met for the very first time at a dump.

Despite some of the villager’sprotests, the purple and white ceremony was held in Ximhungwe. After the ceremony, Masilela’s mother, Patience, told The Mirror,“After the wedding, everything went back to normal - nothing changed.”

Saneie’s family paid out around €1,300 for the wedding, along with a payment of €750 to secure the bride.

However, Saneie is not a completely taken man yet, as he predicts that he will marry someone around his age once he is older.


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