Thursday, 27 October 2016
Palma Schools - Mallorca News

PUBLIC schools in Palma are showing the effects of cutbacks in the budget set aside for maintenance. Problems with heating, leaking roofs, damaged window blinds, bathrooms in poor conditions are just some of the complaints that have been made to the Socialist Municipal Group (PSIB-PSOE) by Parent’s Associations. Councillor of the PSIB-PSOE, Maribel Gonzalez visited the public college of Rafal Nou that has been without heating since last Christmas and children are sitting in dark, damp cold classrooms, problems of this type are repeated in many centres.

The socialists will present questions to the Palma Town Hall next Thursday 31 January about this lack of maintenance during 2012 in Coll d’en Rebassa, Rafal Nou, Alexandre Rossello schools or the special education centre in Son Feriol.

The town hall is responsible for the infant and primary schools, whilst the Education Council is responsible for construction and integral reforms of the centres.

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