FUENGIROLA council will be accepting applications for summer school places and grants until May 30.
Education Councillor, Carmen Diaz, wished to remind parents that time was running out to apply for places, and financial help for the Municipal Summer School, which will be held in July and August at three local schools.
Last year 250 children attended the summer schools, and 113 families were given grants to help cover the costs.
Those wishing to apply can collect the forms from the Town Hall and Social Services offices.
Provisional lists of those awarded places and grants will be published on June 5, on the announcement boards at the Social Services building on Calle Blanca Paloma and at the Town Hall. From June 5 to 14, payment and queries can be made, and on June 22, the final list will be presented.
The summer schools will be held at El Tejar, Santa Amalia and Valdecrin from July 1 to August 31 from 9am to 2pm.
To join, children must be registered in Fuengirola, under the age of 12, have been to school during the 2013/2014 academic year or due to start school this September, as long as they are out of nappies.
The price is €121.70 per child, per month.

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AFTER going down in local history, a man who threatened to set fire to himself in Las Lagunas to prevent roadworks starting has been let off by a judge.
Lazaro Gutierrez, an ONCE lottery ticket seller and father of three, spilled petrol on the pavement then locked himself inside his car with a can of petrol and a lighter in protest against works due to start on the Las Lagunas street where he lived.
Local residents had been kicking up a fuss for some time over the planned works, which they thought would mean parking spaces in the busy area would be lost, and eventually the Mijas mayor had to give them a written promise that would not be the case.
Yet the residents were not persuaded by the promise, and when machines and workers turned up on February 15 they found the street filled with parked cars and Gutierrez with his can of petrol.
Although the Local Police force placed charges against the man for disobeying authority, a Fuengirola judge has now found him innocent arguing that the officer pressing charges was not even near him and the one who had given an order had reported no resistance at all from Gutierrez, who was arrested on the day by the Guardia Civil but later sent home.
In the end the work was carried out, and a solution found to keep the parking spaces as promised by the council.

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THE Third Annual Nautical Festival this year took place in Fuengirola, organised by the joint municipalities of the Costa del Sol.
May saw Fuengirola as the site of Solmarina III, where numerous activities focused on inspiring people to get involved in water-based sports. This event in previous years has seen a growing number of people keen on getting wet.
This year, 400 ships and more than 1,000 people participated in the different activities over the 10 days of the programme, which included open sailing championships, powerboat races, canoeing and fishing.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 11:36

From eyesore to oasis

WORK on beaches in Fuengirola to tidy up stream mouths is producing local oases which are not only removing previous eyesores, but also providing visitors somewhere shady to rest, off the sand.

Over the last few years the town’s council has been doing various things to try and improve the image of local beaches, and the current item on the list is to create gardens where streams meet the sea, an ambitious project with a €160,000 budget.
Mayor Ana Mula, deputy mayor Ana Mata and Works councillor Jose Sanchez explained the project during a visit to one of these new oases at Arroyo Pajares.
“The beaches are one of the most important parts of Fuengirola, therefore they must be cared for and cherished. We decided the streams needed work and thought they would be great places to create new gardens,” the mayor explained.

“We’ve spent a lot of money on improving the coast, although we still need to find solutions for the chiringuitos and sunbed rental areas, but that’s down to the regional government,” Mula said.

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Music lovers must check out Hudson’s bar which is in what is commonly known as ‘Fish Alley’ in Fuengirola.
Michelle and Alan welcome you into their lively venue to come and join in the fun and have a ball. This bar is for all the night owls about town as it is open until 5.00am in the morning. On a Friday night you can hear the voice of Paul Bear who will host the Karaoke so if you like the mike, then come along and strut your stuff! Saturday night is a great party night where you can see Mita I Mita perform, which is a popular group on the coast, a must see. This is also the home of good beers and lagers as Hudson’s serve authentic Tennent’s Export so you won’t go thirsty during the party.
Hudson’s bar is just round the corner from Moochers Restaurant not far from the Paseo Maritimo. So be a night owl and join in the fun.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015 09:00

Raising funds for Nepal

A FUNDRAISING event for victims of Nepal earthquakes is planned for the evening of Saturday, May 23 in Fuengirola.
Tiffany’s Music Lounge will be hosting the event, which will include an auction and a raffle and top level entertainment.
All proceeds for the event, which will have a €10 entry cost, will go towards the Nepal People Trust, who will ensure the money is put to good use feeding, clothing and supplying shelter and medical assistance to victims of two strong quakes which recently hit the country.
Performing artists for the night will be Warren Oliver, Guir Rock band, Janie Jai, Alarna Love and Lost Souls, and lots to be auctioned include two parasailing tickets from Pirate Parasailing in Fuengirola, two Rib meals, a bottle of wine from Rat Pack in Benalmadena and wine from Booze Cruise.
To book tickets for the night and help with this worthy cause, call Steve on 603 107 239.

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FUENGIROLA celebrated in style as Q Tourist Quality flags were raised for the first time on the town’s beaches.
World champion and Olympic swimmer David Meca and local swimmers Pablo Mira, Maria de Valdes and Salvador Cano dived from a yacht out at sea and swam to shore carrying the flags, which will fly on the seven kilometres of Fuengirola’s beaches.
Q-shaped sculptures were also revealed during the ceremony, and will be distributed along the sea-front promenade as a reminder of the work and effort put into achieving the important distinctions.
Mayor Ana Mula raised one of the four flags on the San Francisco beach during the ceremony, which was attended by 300 local schoolchildren wearing special T-shirts and waving miniature flags.

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TWO policemen saved a swimmer from drowning off a Fuengirola beach yesterday (May 6).
The officers, who were patrolling on motorbikes, were flagged down by a woman saying someone was in trouble out at sea.
While one stripped off and leapt into the sea, taking his shirt with him, the other headed for a nearby beach bar to grab a lifesaver.
After reaching the distressed swimmer, who was about 250 metres out and suffering shoulder cramps leaving him unable to move his arms, the policeman promised him he would get him to safety and used his shirt to start pulling him to shore.
The second officer met them halfway out and between them, the policemen used the lifesaver to drag the exhausted 22-year-old to safety through strong currents and waves, sparking applause from onlookers on the shore.
The man, who recovered from the experience and did not need medical attention, later thanked the officers, who he said had saved his life as he would not have been able stay afloat much longer.

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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 15:40

Nautical Week returns to the coast

SOLMARINA, the Costa del Sol Nautical Week, returns to the coast this week from May 9 to 16.
The headquarters for the event will be the Real Club Maritimo in Marbella, which is expecting more than 2,000 people and 800 boats for this fourth edition of the event.
The event is organised to allow simultaneous regattas to be run from marinas in Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona, and fishing days are also planned.
A jetski competition will be held near Marbella’s pleasure port, and the Andalucian Kayak Fishing Championships are also running during the week.

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FOR the first time ever, Fuengirola’s beaches have been awarded Q for Quality flags by the ICTE Spanish Touristic Quality Institute.
The flags are to be raised on Friday 8, in a special ceremony starting at noon on San Francisco beach, which Mayor Ana Mula has invited all local people to attend.
Well-known swimmer David Mecca and local swimmers Pablo Mira, Maria de Valdes and Salvador Cano will be diving from a yacht 200 metres out to sea and swimming to shore with the flags, which have been awarded for the 7.5 kilometres of beaches between the Castle and Carvajal.
Colour will be provided at the event by 200 local schoolchildren wearing special t-shirts and carrying banners, who will be taken to the beach on the tourist train.
The mayor explained that this was the first time the town had applied for the prestigious flags and expressed her pride that the strict tests had been passed.
“I’d like to stress the hard work put in on a daily basis by municipal workers and the collaboration provided by the beach bars to allow us to be awarded the flags,” Mula said.
“Receiving these flags is just another reason to keep on working to improve our services. We’ve made a leap forwards and are now encouraged to create more new projects. I invite everyone to come and celebrate with us on San Francisco beach,” the mayor concluded.

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