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A healthy work-life balance is key

HAVING work is a good thing. It gives you financial independence and of course takes away the anxiety of wondering where the money will come from to pay rent or the bills. But that said - it’s also important to have a healthy work-life balance and have the opportunity to…

Think like the rich to get rich and follow a few simple rules

WHY do rich people have so much money? Maybe for some it was a breeze due to inheritance or rich parents, but for others becoming wealthy is down to hard work and making smart choices in life. According to a study of very rich people accumulating wealth doesn’t just happen…

Your personality may be in the hot seat when applying for a bank loan

IN the music movie ‘Once’ the main characters bring a recording of a song they wrote into a bank manager’s office in an effort to woo him into giving them a loan for a studio recording session. More traditionally, however, those seeking credit tend to put on some respectable-looking clothes…

Have the confidence to say: “Show me the money because I’m worth it”

A LOT of news has been whirling around recently about the gender pay gap, highlighting how women often receive salaries that are not equal to those of men doing the same job. Female bosses work for free 100 minutes a day because they earn 22 per cent less than male…

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JUST in time for the onset of winter, the Ministry…

Euro makes gains on the back of stock market wobbles

IT has been a game of two halves for the Great British Pound (GBP) versus the Euro in August. GBP started the month sitting nicely at 1.40 and on the back of positive UK inflation feedback GBP managed to squeeze higher to 1.43. At the time, the thought process was…

Bank of Spain governor Luis Maria Linde offers support for government

THE governor of the Bank of Spain Luis Maria Linde has publicly supported the current government’s economic policies and indicated there could be a number of risks should there be a change of course in the lead up to or following the forthcoming general election which must be held on…

Buy on the weakness, or head for the lifeboats?

MARKETS everywhere seem to be crashing, with news reports of the China crisis showing stressed traders and red numbers left, right and centre meaning prospective investors could hardly be blamed for having second thoughts. Yet legendary US investor Warren Buffet counsels greed when others are fearful and fear when others…

If jobs are scarce bilingual children can bank on a brighter future

Bilinguals get all the perks. Better job prospects, higher salaries, a cognitive boost and even protection against dementia. A lot of research has been done on the bilingual mind and it seems that going back and forth between languages is a kind of brain training, pushing your brain to be…

Aer Lingus takeover confirmed at cost of €1.4 billion

RYANAIR has accepted a bid from the company that owns both British Airways and Iberia for its 29.8 per cent share in the Irish airline Aer Lingus. The deal was announced to the stock exchange on August 18 that as Ryanair had accepted an offer from IAG, that the takeover…

Back-to-school expenses can cripple cash-strapped parents

From fancy folders and trendy backpacks to USB drives and other techie gadgets, ballooning back-to-school costs are pinching families’ budgets. The cost of everything school-related keeps going up, which makes trying to pay everything else in the household a struggle. A recent report from the UK revealed that 60 per…

Is it OK to walk out of your current job without a fall-back plan?

WE’VE all had a boss who is less than ideal. Mine was a bitter 50-plus year old woman who would shout, throw things at my desk and generally just be very unpleasant and disrespectful. When one morning she arrived at the office, opened the door and took a step over…

Prosecutors call for Afinsa directors to face up to 19 years in jail for fraud

Scheme claimed 190,000 victims who lost money in postage stamp scam Afinsa, the Spanish collectibles company, was third largest in the world after Sotheby’s and Christie’s, before its offices in Madrid were raided by police and closed amid allegations of fraud in 2006.  With more than 190,000 victims being duped…
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